On-Demand Transportation


Affordable Pricing


15X Faster
Response Time


We are taking an age-old system that is broken and revamping it for the 21st century. Our on-demand platform allows for many benefits, which impact both hospitals and patients by increasing on-time arrival and access to healthcare appointments.

Our mission and vision is to leverage urban technology, and to do so in an attainable way for patients of all economic backgrounds. Our pricing is equally as disruptive as our technology or the marketplace, making SPLT a highly sought after solution by all.

Wait times for transportation can last an excess of 3 hours. Our solution is on-demand and yield an average response time of 5-15 minutes. This cuts down Hospital readmission rates and allows for greater patient satisfaction.

Our products and features are built in collaboration with our partners and end users. It is designed to meet the unique needs of SPLT Riders. We take a balanced approach by asking for feedback from our users on a regular basis and incorporate their insights into our roadmap.